📷"When I have a camera in my hand, I don't know fear." (Alfred Eisenstaedt)

Street Photography

What is street photography, street photography, urban photography or street photography?

Thanks to social networks, the myth has spread that street photography is simply meaninglessly shooting anyone you meet in your path. Oh no please, photography itself is never that simple.

Street photography is about knowing deeply both natural lighting and composition and synchronizing it with the photographer's unique look while the shot tells a story. Also, you can never alter anything in the scene at all.

fotografia urbana espejos
how many inputs
magical illusion
atypical smile
foto urbana curiosa
red chance
fotografia espectacular de calle
foto urbana abuelos mercado compras
children's look
united and enlightened
foto urbana colores
foto urbana curiosa
la mejor fotografa de street
Of course
The looks at her
foto urbana madre carrito bebé
foto urbana trabajo
fotografia calle coincidencias color
foto urbana abuelos
a cigarette
foto urbana comercio
hurried on
blue food
fleeting step
the red boy
humid loneliness
mujer calle rayos sol
she knows it
foto urbana navidad
foto urbana velocidad personas  monumento
foto urbana vendedor fira
The dog and the people
foto urbana piernas
foto urbana feria dulces niño
foto urbana velicidad
loving couple
Christmas bead viewing
foto urbana niño animales
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