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I am passionate about humanist Documentary Photography, Photojurnalist and Street Photography. The three modalities with many points in common based on humanism.

Telling stories where people intervene is where I do best.

Expressing emotions in an increasingly cold world is my strength, perhaps I am high sensitive person (HSP).

Therefore: imagine how many people and/or companies I can help with my innate talent for photography!

My way of photographing is unique, I shoot when "something" "ignites" inside me, it is so difficult to explain with words... As I said, I shoot 2 or 3 times and discard 1% of my work.

Perhaps rejecting the burst is not the panacea for a photographer but it is my gift, my uniqueness and my unique way of photographing.

The pillar in my life is: to dedicate myself exclusively to photography, perfect my art through constant training and disseminate my work to be able to help every company as a photographer of corporate events and press as a photojournalist.





Some companies that trust my work and with I collaborate:






Remember, my achievement is that once our common photography project is finished and every time you look at the photographs I took of you, you feel full satisfaction from our mutual collaboration.



Here are 3 pictures of myself over the years (the first 2 are self-portraits).

My last self-portrait


Welcome everybody,

Neus 🥰

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