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I am Neus (Barcelona, 1971). A passionate about Documentary Photography interested in capturing the emotions of living beings. 

I define myself as an intense visual narrator documenting what happens in my reality.

I never intervene in the scenes to photograph. I also do not manipulate my photographs in editing.

I see myself as a classic photographer since, due to age, my beginnings were with a photographic film.

Maybe for this reason, I don't usually use the burst (shots per second) since I only shoot when "something" "ignites" inside me. It's so hard to explain in words...

Perhaps my unique way of photographing flows easily due to my too high sensitivity (HSP), empathy and passion for photography.



Some companies that trust my work and with I collaborate:






Remember, my achievement is that once our common photography project is finished and every time you look at the photographs I took of you, you feel full satisfaction from our mutual collaboration.


Here are 3 pictures of myself over the years (the first 2 are self-portraits).

My last self-portrait


Welcome everybody,

Neus 🥰

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