"Involving myself in a project, making your project my own and contributing all the best of me as a professional is what transmits meaning to my life. It is intense as well as very true." (Neus Ros)

Different Events

From the photographer specialized in large corporate events you should get three things:

1st - Your expertise

2nd - Your experience

3rd - Your reputation

The photographs obtained will be the face of the company's personal brand, so the photographer must

know the intention of the brand and, with this, you must know how to transmit the intention 


When a large corporate company has the enormous responsibility of organizing an event, it needs to 

offer the most powerful photographs.

Photographs that transmit to the viewer with the purpose of helping to position the company and

save unforgettable moments.

actor el cojo de irishman
the cripple of inishmaan
Clara Antúnez sommelier huele vino
sommelier Clara Antúnez
galieon andalusia port sails ship sail pirate
Andalucía Galleon
post office fills out ballots
post office fills out ballots
Citroën 11 DB 1945
classic vehicles exhibition
niño hermoso corre montaña ejercicio
ciclista repone fuerzas
pareja se cuela rodaje tv3
spontaneous filming
galieon andalusia port sails ship sail pirate
Andalucía Galleon
niña pintando
child paints
actores el cojo de irishman
the cripple of inishmaan
cómo servir champan o cava
preparing cava
niño come bocadillo feliz
personal tv3
catalonia television (TV3)
evento guardia urbana barcelona
Guardia Urbana, Barcelona Police
cómo cortar jamón
ham tasting
honey peddler man tradition
joven mira teléfono móvil
congress assistant
Clara Antúnez somelier
Clara Antúnez
trabajar en tv3
catalonia television (TV3)
hombre fotografiado teatro
the cripple of inishmaan
Clara Antúnez somelier La Gastronomica
Clara Antúnez
galió andalusia mar mediterrànea conquer replicair
Andalucía Galleon
Joven panadero atiende al público
artisan pizza seller
Oriol Mitjà inmunólogo habla al público
Dr.Mitjà, immunologist
mujer vende en la calle
Jewelry flea market
sardanas tradition culture peace love brotherhood catalonia
Sardana dance
la mirada de un anciano
Solidarity paella assistant
cura enciende cirio bautismal
christian mass
lights red man silhouette woman
Arenys de Munt Town Hall
mejor fotografia playa con fuegos artificiales
beach fireworks
ciclistas de carretera después del esfuerzo
ciclista puertos de montaña
carrera ciclista puerto montaña
niños alimentación frutas deporte
niña montaña camina con gorra rosa
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