"Through my photographs I can speak more intricately and deeply than through words." 

(Richard Avedon)

Filming with catalan television (TV3)

Probably followed a television series. Have you ever wondered what happens before, during and after the filming of a television series?

I had the enormous satisfaction of covering two days of filming for the popular TV3 series titled "Com si fos ahir" (As if it were yesterday).

Com si fos ahir is not just any after-dinner soap opera, broadcast since 2017, it deals with topics as diverse and delicate as the integration and difficulties of a transgender character, the adoption or the rape of one of the main protagonists with extreme reality and elegance. The dualities of daily economic, family or school problems are also reflected; to name a few.

You will be able to see photographs showing the director Sònia Sánchez and the actors: Oriol Cervera (Toni petit), Teresa Urroz (grandmother Mari Carmen) and Gemma Brió (Beth). In addition to part of the technical team.

Thanks for your time.

mejor fotografia documental actores
Director Sònia Sánchez and Oriol Cervera
Gemma Brió is the Beth
Teresa Urroz abuela com si fos ahir
Oriol Cervera
Gemma Brió Beth Teresa Urroz abuela com si fos ahir
directora sonia sanchez com si fos ahir
actor oriol cervera con las pruebas de sonido
equipo tecnico serie television
equipo dirección rodaje com si fos ahir TV3
com si fos ahir toni petit
donde se graba com si fos ahir?
equipo rodaje com si fos ahir TV3
planos fotograficos oriol cervera
Camera assistant with clapperboard
main camera
rodando en la calle
dónde se rueda si fos ahir?
claqueta rodaje
rodando com si fos ahir TV3
equipo tecnico com si fos ahir
claqueta rodando com si fos ahir
toni petit oriol cervera
como se graba serie television?
el actor oriol cervera atiende a una fan de la serie catalana
rodaje tv3 com si fos ahir
pernonajes actores com si fos ahir
miembro del rodaje de television fumando
Gemma Brió i Oriol Cervera
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