"To photograph is to place the head, the eye and the heart on the same axis." (Henri Cartier-Bresson)


What is photographic portrait?

The portrait can show the person as they are, although it can also completely distort them.

Look at your passport photo. Do you recognize yourself? Now, ask your family or friends to show you their passport. Do you feel like you don't recognize them either?

Why do people look so bad in DNI photos? It's very simple, the photographer fails to capture the person.

My way of photographing portraits is unique, I rarely use the flash. On this page specifically there are only 3 photographs in which I have used the flash, the rest I all use the light of the place where I am.

actor oriol cervera com si fos ahir
retrato artista lluís callafalch
fotógrafo familias
actor Fotógrafo eventos corporativos
Joan Laporta con socios
joven de rasgos asiáticos sonríe
Fotógrafo de deportes
Fotógrafo grupo amigos
Fotógrafo para grupos de amigos
pose natural niños
fotografo eventos
retrato mujer en la calle
retrato mujer joven
retrato hombre
Fotógrafo parejas Maresme
retrato de pareja
look costume fireworks halloween fear night
Artur Mas
retrato sin flash
Fotógrafo running
mujer madura mascota pose mejor fotografo maresme
Fotógrafo de perros en el Maresme
foto mujer hermosa en la calle
hombre mayor habla a cámara
retrato natural de dos amigos
retrato natural pareja casada aniversario
Joan Laporta con personal restaurante
Fotografía de parejas
Fotografía de fiestas en el Maresme amigas posando
Fotografia de mascotas
retrato familia
ambient light
natural light
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