"Many photographers think that if they buy a better camera they will be able to take better photos. A better camera will do nothing for you if there is nothing in your head and in your heart." 

(Arnold Newman)

Historical Reenactment

Covering the historical representation of the landing of the Spanish Bourbon troops against the Miquelets on a beach in Maresme was not an easy task.

A whole set of adversities, to name a few: the disembarkation, the races, the gunpowder shooting, the different groups of actors scattered around.

They require qualities on the part of the photographer such as: speed, immediacy, reflections, knowing how to master the constant changes of light and the fine sand of the beach itself.

Only by overcoming adversity with the professional's own qualities can extraordinary results be obtained.

📷Sony A7 III + 24-105 f/4 G

disembarks one of the troops
shots, gunpowder and expectation of the attendees
Regiment de Fusellers de Muntanya Miquelets
prepared to open fire
the race for victory
three soldiers walk overlapping
soldier in a hurry
The soldiers carry the wounded man
soldier's career
advancing into battle
a woman shoots
the nert man
soldiers tend to a dying member
the battle
the first to fall in combat
the fight of the troops
soldado borbón recreación histórica
coin count
camp detail
conversations of senior military officials
the discussion of the troops
writing declaration of war
camp preparation
walking with his head down before battle
embarked troop
a couple retreats at the end of the battle
The soldier's boots
the soldier exudes tranquility
the weapon of a female soldier
Oh yeah?
espardenyes shoes
final stage of the battle
The gunpowder rifle
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